HSTC Bulletin

Volume 5, numéro 1, janvier 1981

Sommaire (9 articles)


  1. Creating a 'Northern Minerva': John William Dawson and the Royal Society of Canada
  2. La Physique à McGill entre 1920 et 1940 : La réception de la mécanique quantique par une communauté scientifique périphérique
  3. Toronto's Metaphysicians: The Social Gospel and Medical Professionalization in Victorian Toronto

Book Reviews  / Comptes rendus

  1. Science, Technology and Canadian History / Les sciences, la technologie et l’histoire canadienne. Edited by R.A. Jarrell and N.R. Ball. Waterloo, Wilfried Laurier University Press, 1980. Pp. xviii, 246 p.
  2. Biological Sciences at the National Research Council of Canada: The Early Years to 1952. Norman T. Gridgeman. Waterloo, Wilfried Laurier University Press, 1979. Pp. xxi, 153, index
  3. Queen’s University. Volume I 1841-1917. Hilda Neatby. Ed. F.W. Gibson and R. Graham, McGill-Queen’s University Press, 1979.
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