Informal Logic

Volume 42, numéro 3, 2022 Special Issue: Michael Gilbert's Multi-Modal Argumentation

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From the Editors


  1. Multi-Modal 2020: Multi-Modal Argumentation 30 Years Later
  2. Gilbert as Disrupter: Modes (of Many Sorts) in the Theory of Argument
  3. Logics for “Non-Logical” Argumentation: A “Neo-Logicist” Defense of the Primacy of the “Logical” Mode of Argument in Gilbert’s Multi-modal Theory of Argumentation
  4. Amenable Argumentation Approach: Accommodating Emotional Arguments
  5. Reflections on the Physical or Visceral Mode of Argumentation in Michael Gilbert’s Theory of Multi-Modal Argumentation and its Relation to Gesture Studies and The Embodied Mind
  6. On the Kisceral Mode of Argumentation
  7. Kisceral Argumentation in Law: Past and Present, Here and There

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