International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning

Volume 18, numéro 2, avril 2017

Sommaire (15 articles)


Research Articles

  1. Review and Content Analysis of the International Review of Research in Open and Distance/Distributed Learning (2000–2015)
  2. The Effects of Lecture Diversity on Germane Load
  3. Examining MOOCs: A Comparative Study among Educational Technology Experts in Traditional and Open Universities
  4. A Team of Instructors’ Use of Social Presence, Teaching Presence, and Attitudinal Dissonance Strategies: An Animal Behaviour and Welfare MOOC
  5. Why Study on a MOOC? The Motives of Students and Professionals
  6. The RISE Framework: Using Learning Analytics to Automatically Identify Open Educational Resources for Continuous Improvement
  7. Networked Scholarship and Motivations for Social Media use in Scholarly Communication
  8. Reaching Students in Online Courses Using Alternative Formats
  9. Using the Community of Inquiry Framework to Scaffold Online Tutoring
  10. Rethinking Distance Tutoring in e-Learning Environments: A Study of the Priority of Roles and Competencies of Open University Tutors in China
  11. Analysis of Time-on-Task, Behavior Experiences, and Performance in Two Online Courses with Different Authentic Learning Tasks
  12. Student Voices on the Roles of Instructors in Asynchronous Learning Environments in the 21st Century

Research Notes

  1. A Survey of the Collaboration Rate of Authors in the E-Learning Subject Area over a 10-Year Period (2005-2014) Using Web of Science

Technical Notes

  1. The Changing Role of the Educational Video in Higher Distance Education


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