Volume 36, numéro 2, 2016

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  1. Marshall Mcluhan and Higher Music Education
  2. The Message of the Carillon: Bells as Instruments of Colonialism in Twentieth-Century Canada
  3. A Portrait of Composer Steven Gellman for His Seventieth Birthday
  4. The Jack Pine: Preserving the Northern Ontario Landscape through Painting, Music, and Short Film
  5. True Reflections on Barron’s Reflections of Canada: “Canada 150: Music and Belonging”
  6. Une approche contextualiste des relations voix/gestes dans les improvisations de Tanya Tagaq : un « acte performanciel »
  7. “Listening Out” to Experimental Music in Canada: Publics, Subjects, Places
  8. Writing for CBC Wartime Radio Drama: John Weinzweig, Socialism, and the Twelve-Tone Dilemma
  9. Le crossover en musique classique au Québec : portrait d’une pratique établie chez l’Orchestre symphonique de Québec
  10. A Tribe Called Red’s Halluci Nation: Sonifying Embodied Global Allegiances, Decolonization, And Indigenous Activism

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