Canadian Journal of Music
Revue canadienne de musique

Volume 36, Number 2, 2016

Table of contents (15 articles)


  1. Marshall Mcluhan and Higher Music Education
  2. The Message of the Carillon: Bells as Instruments of Colonialism in Twentieth-Century Canada
  3. A Portrait of Composer Steven Gellman for His Seventieth Birthday
  4. The Jack Pine: Preserving the Northern Ontario Landscape through Painting, Music, and Short Film
  5. True Reflections on Barron’s Reflections of Canada: “Canada 150: Music and Belonging”
  6. Une approche contextualiste des relations voix/gestes dans les improvisations de Tanya Tagaq : un « acte performanciel »
  7. “Listening Out” to Experimental Music in Canada: Publics, Subjects, Places
  8. Writing for CBC Wartime Radio Drama: John Weinzweig, Socialism, and the Twelve-Tone Dilemma
  9. Le crossover en musique classique au Québec : portrait d’une pratique établie chez l’Orchestre symphonique de Québec
  10. A Tribe Called Red’s Halluci Nation: Sonifying Embodied Global Allegiances, Decolonization, And Indigenous Activism

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