Journal of the Canadian Historical Association

Volume 23, numéro 2, 2012

Sommaire (10 articles)

  • History, Interactive Technology and Pedagogy: Past Successes and Future Directions
  • Mining the ‘Internet Graveyard’: Rethinking the Historians’ Toolkit
  • Madness in the Archives: Anonymity, Ethics, and Mental Health History Research
  • Reflections on Asylum Archives and the Experience of Mental Illness in Paris
  • Pain in Medieval and Modern Contexts
  • In the Borderlands of Periodization with “The blythnes that hes bein”: The medieval / early modern boundary in Scottish history
  • Icons in Motion: Sacred Aura and Religious Identity in Late Tsarist Russia
  • “Buried Alive”: Experience, Memory, and the Interwar Publishing of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force in Postwar Britain, 1915-1939
  • The Unlikely Barrèsian Inheritance of Albert Camus
  • Oxfam Aid to Canada’s First Nations, 1962–1975: Eating Lynx, Starving for Jobs, and Flying a Talking Bird
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