Journal of the Canadian Historical Association

Volume 23, numéro 2, 2012

Sommaire (10 articles)

  1. History, Interactive Technology and Pedagogy: Past Successes and Future Directions
  2. Mining the ‘Internet Graveyard’: Rethinking the Historians’ Toolkit
  3. Madness in the Archives: Anonymity, Ethics, and Mental Health History Research
  4. Reflections on Asylum Archives and the Experience of Mental Illness in Paris
  5. Pain in Medieval and Modern Contexts
  6. In the Borderlands of Periodization with “The blythnes that hes bein”: The medieval / early modern boundary in Scottish history
  7. Icons in Motion: Sacred Aura and Religious Identity in Late Tsarist Russia
  8. “Buried Alive”: Experience, Memory, and the Interwar Publishing of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force in Postwar Britain, 1915-1939
  9. The Unlikely Barrèsian Inheritance of Albert Camus
  10. Oxfam Aid to Canada’s First Nations, 1962–1975: Eating Lynx, Starving for Jobs, and Flying a Talking Bird

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