Journal of Conflict Studies

Volume 25, numéro 2, winter 2005

Sommaire (16 articles)

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  1. Facing the Facts: : Peacekeeping's Place Within a Broader Approach to Security
  2. Pernicious Patriarchy or Prosecutorial Progress?: : Confronting Culture, War, and Rape in International Law
  3. The Search for Exit Strategies from Neo-Colonial Interventions
  4. Third Parties, War Systems' Inertia, and Conflict Termination: : The Doomed Peace Process in Colombia, 1998-2002
  5. The Coca Connection: : Conflict and Drugs in Colombia and Peru
  6. Islam and Nationalism in the Formerly Soviet Central Asian Republics

Review Essays

  1. Conflict in Africa
  2. Ethics and Humanitarian Intervention

Book Reviews

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