Selected Proceedings from the Canadian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies

Volume 30, 2011 Sous la direction de Frans De Bruyn

Sommaire (12 articles)

  • Preface / Préface
  • Sir Charles Grandison and the Sexual Politics of Toleration
  • The Mystery of Aesthetic Response: Dryden and Johnson on Shakespeare
  • The Impartial Spectator, amour-propre, and Consequences of the Secular Gaze: Rousseau's and Adam Smith's Responses to Mandeville
  • Dialogues on the Events at Québec 1759: Lucianic Satire, Excuses and Propaganda
  • Productive Disorientations: The Anomalous Volume 7 of Tristram Shandy
  • Graphs, Maps, and Digital Topographies: Visualizing The Dunciad as Heterotopia
  • La Lettre à d’Alembert sur les spectacles, ou l’inscription européenne du républicanisme
  • Un mythe libéral, une invention des Lumières : Le commerce comme remède à la guerre
  • “Seven Years of Musical War” (1757-1763) at the German Court of Anhalt-Zerbst
  • Pour une lecture biographique de la guerre chez Sade
  • “The Strongest Tie to Unity and Obedience”: Paradoxes of Freethinking, Religion and Colonialism in Frances Brooke's The History of Emily Montague
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