Material Culture Review

Volume 79, 2014

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Editorial / Éditorial

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  1. Ethnographic Exoticism : Charles-Arthur Bourgeois’s Snake Charmer
  2. L’objet et ses horizons : La fabrique des objets exotiques à Paris et New York au XIXe siècle
  3. Memory in Action : Clothing, Art, and Authenticity in Anthropological Dioramas (New York, 1900)
  4. Macy’s Latin American Fair : A Temple Built on the Anxieties of Inter/Americanism
  5. Paintings, Publics, and Protocols : The Early Paintings from Papunya
  6. Domestication and the Preservation of Wildness : The Self and the Other in Primitive Art Collecting

Exhibition Review / Compte rendu d’exposition

  1. Interwoven Globe: The Worldwide Textile Trade, 1500-1800

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus de livres

  1. Nadège Sougy. Luxes et internationalisation (XVIe-XIXe siècles). Actes du colloque de juin 2009
  2. Avinoam Shalem, ed. Constructing the Image of Muhammad in Europe
  3. Adriana Kertzer. Favelization

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