McGill Law Journal

Volume 62, numéro 2, december 2016 

Cindy Blackstock, PhD is a member of the Gitksan First Nation. She has served as Executive Director of the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada since 2002 and is also a Professor at the School of Social Work at McGill University. Her primary interest is ensuring culturally based and equitable services for First Nations children and families in Canada.

Citation: (2016) 62:2 McGill LJ 285

Référence : (2016) 62:2 RD McGill 285

Sommaire (8 articles)


  1. The Complainant: The Canadian Human Rights Case on First Nations Child Welfare
  2. Les catégories juridiques et la qualification : une approche cognitive
  3. Contracting out of Access to Justice: Enforcement of Forum-Selection Clauses in Consumer Contracts
  4. Le rôle des normes comptables dans la responsabilité civile des auditeurs de sociétés
  5. Requiem pour un cadavre
  6. Struggling Towards Coherence in Canadian Administrative Law? Recent Cases on Standard of Review and Reasonableness

Speech  / Discours

  1. Le droit est-il une arme?

Case Comment  / Chronique de jurisprudence

  1. The Boundaries of Corporate Law and Trust Law: An Analysis of Locking v. McCowan