Volume 78, numéro 1, 1997

Sommaire (5 articles)

  • Resistance to thiabendazole in Fusarium species and Helminthosporium solani in potato tubers treated commercially in eastern Canada
  • Measure of agreement between experts on apple damage assessment
  • Occurrence of the orange wheat blossom midge [Diptera :Cecidomyiidae] in Quebec and its incidence on wheat grain microflora / Présence de la cécidomyie orangée du blé [Diptera :Cecidomyiidae] au Québec et son incidence sur la microflore des grains de blé
  • Factors affecting regeneration from root fragments in two Physalis species
  • Plant bed treatment with 1,3-dichloropropene for Meloidogyne hapla control in carrots grown in organic soil
  • La société de protection des plantes du Québec, 1997