Report of the Annual Meeting

Volume 2, numéro 1, 1923

Sommaire (15 articles)

Proceedings and Transactions

  1. The Annual Meeting of May the Twenty-Fourth and Twenty-Fifth at the Victoria Memorial Museum, Ottawa : Presidential Address
  2. Report of the Standing Committee on Historic Landmarks
  3. Report of the Treasurer
  4. Minutes of the Annual Meeting
  1. Constitution

Historical Papers and Addresses

  1. The North West Company
  2. Francis Parkman
  3. The Spanish Discovery of British Columbia in 1774
  4. LaFontaine, Rolph et Papineau : Épisodes de 1838 et de 1843
  5. The Passing of the Sailing Ship at Quebec
  6. Two Monuments in Arctic Canada
  7. Notes on David Thompson
  8. Fort Simpson, on the Northwest Coast
  1. Some Historic and Prehistoric Sites of Canada
  2. List of Members and Affiliated Organizations

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