Report of the Annual Meeting

Volume 44, numéro 1, 1965

Sommaire (17 articles)

Vancouver 1965

  1. Presidential Address
  2. Problems in the Study of the Stratification of the Canadian Society from 1760 to 1840
  3. John Sandfield Macdonald and the Crises of 1863
  4. Les idées politiques de Lomer Gouin
  5. Sir George Bury and the Russian Revolution
  6. Forgotten Men of Canadian History
  7. Race and Liberty: The Historical Ideas of Sir John George Bourinot
  8. Joseph Chamberlain, the Treasury and Imperial Development, 1895-1903
  9. Peasant Mobility and Freedom in Mediaeval England
  10. The Beginnings of Political Catholicism in South Germany 1799-1814
  11. Biography as History


  1. Report of the Secretary
  2. Report of the Local History Section
  3. Report of the Archives Section
  4. Report of the Treasurer


  1. Register of Post-Graduate Dissertations
  1. Membership of the Canadian Historical Association