Report of the Annual Meeting

Volume 40, numéro 1, 1961

Sommaire (18 articles)

Montreal 1961

  1. Presidential Address
  2. Le Canada français en Amérique latine
  3. L'attitude de l’Église catholique vis-à-vis l’esclavage au Canada français
  4. Sir Charles Metcalfe and the Canadian Union
  5. Joseph Israel Tarte and the McGreevy-Langevin Scandal
  6. The Conservative Party in the 1890’s
  7. John W. Dafoe: Conservative Progressive
  8. Anti-Imperialism before 1914
  9. The Death of King Ladislav: Historiographical Echoes of a Suspected Crime
  10. A Seventeenth-Century Russian Liberal: Ordyn-Nashchokin
  11. A Temperate Crusade: The Philosophe Campaign for Protestant Toleration
  12. The Nature of French Liberalism during the Restoration


  1. Report of the Secretary
  2. Report of the National Historic Sites Division National Parks Branch
  3. Report of the Local History Section, 1960-1961
  4. Report of the Archives Section, 1960-1961
  5. Report of the Treasurer
  1. Membership of the Canadian Historical Association