Report of the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Historical Association

Volume 43, numéro 1, 1964

Sommaire (16 articles)

Charlottetown 1964

  1. Discours du Président
  2. The Problem of Western Policy under Philippe de Rigaud de Vaudreuil, 1703-1725
  3. Military Defenders of Prince Edward Island, 1775 — 1864
  4. Correspondance Laurier — Mme Joseph Lavergne, 1891-1893
  5. ‘Frontierism’ and National Stereotypes
  6. Cathedral Schools: The Institutional Development of Twelfth-Century Education
  7. Education Against the Jesuits: A Weapon of the Enlightenment
  8. The Assembly of the Clergy and the Enlightenment, 1755-1788
  9. Constitutional and Political Reflections on the Dismissal of Lord Grenville’s Ministry
  10. Politics and the Army in the Unionist Government in England, 1900-1905
  11. Louis Barthou and the German Question: 1934
  12. Constitutional Aspects of American Federalism


  1. Report of the Archives Section
  2. Report of the Secretary
  3. Report of the Treasurer
  1. Membership of the Canadian Historical Association