Report of the Annual Meeting

Volume 4, numéro 1, 1925

Sommaire (15 articles)

Montreal 1925

  1. Canada as a Field for Historical Research : President’s Address
  2. Report of the Secretary-Treasurer
  3. Minutes of the Annual Meeting at Montreal, May 21-23, 1925
  4. The Address at the Representative of the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada, M. Aegidius Fauteux, at the Unveiling of the Memorial on the Site of Hochelaga, in Montreal, on Friday, May 22
  5. The Two Races in Canada
  6. Garneau, fondateur de l’histoire scientifique en Canada
  7. The Place of History in Canadian Education
  8. The Expulsion of the Canadians
  9. Les premières pages de l’histoire du Saguenay
  10. Sir James Douglas, Fur-Trader and Governor
  11. Durham and the Idea of a Federal Union of British North America
  12. Spanish Claims to a Share in the Newfoundland Fisheries in the Eighteenth Century
  1. Some Historic and Prehistoric Sites of Canada
  2. List of Members and Affiliated Organizations
  3. Report of the Treasurer

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