Report of the Annual Meeting

Volume 5, numéro 1, 1926

Sommaire (15 articles)

Ottawa 1926

  1. La critique en histoire : President’s Address
  2. Report of the Management Committee
  3. Reports of the Secretary-Treasurer
  4. Pitt’s Decision to Keep Canada in 1761
  5. The Letters of Sir Howard Douglas : The New Brunswick Civil Letter Book, 1824-1826
  6. Les troupes de la Nouvelle-France
  7. Lord Dorchester and the Church of England
  8. The Coming of the Barr Colonists : The “All-British” Colony that Became Lloydminster

Outline Lectures in Canadian History

  1. Outline Lectures in Canadian History
  2. Discovery of the North West Coast
  3. Rise and Fall of Louisbourg
  4. The North West Company
  1. Historic and Pre-Historic Sites of Canada, 1925-26
  2. List of Members and Affliated Associations
  3. Report of the Treasurer