Report of the Annual Meeting

Volume 6, numéro 1, 1927

Sommaire (17 articles)

Toronto 1927

  1. The Historian’s Problem : President’s Address
  2. Report of the Management Committee
  3. David Thompson Monument
  4. Report of the Secretary-Treasurer
  5. Confederation and the West
  6. French Canada under Confederation
  7. The Maritime Provinces and Confederation
  8. Some Aspects of Upper Canadian Radical Opinion in the Decade before Confederation
  9. La Confédération canadienne
  10. British Columbia’s Entry into Confederation
  11. Canadian Cultural Development
  12. The Development of Imperial Relations
  13. British Finance and Confederation
  14. Deux appréciations sommaires de la Confédération
  1. Some Historic and Pre-Historic Sites of Canada
  2. List of Members and Affiliated Associations
  3. Report of the Treasurer

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