Report of the Annual Meeting

Volume 8, numéro 1, 1929

Sommaire (17 articles)

Ottawa 1929

  1. Sir Edmund Head and Canadian Confederation, 1851-1858 : Presidential Address
  2. Report of the Secretary-Treasurer
  3. Report of the Assembly of the International Committee of Historical Sciences
  4. John Work’s First Journal, 1823-1824
  5. The Election of Canada to the League of Nations Council in 1927
  6. Condition of Public Records in the Maritime Provinces
  7. L’honorable Louis-Joseph Papineau
  8. The Choice of Kingston as the Capital of Canada, 1839-1841
  9. Some Neglected Aspects of Canadian History
  10. Les fonctions de l’intendant
  11. French Canadian Art
  12. The Place of the Red River Settlement in the Plans of the Hudson’s Bay Co., 1812-1825
  13. Travel Literature as Source Material for the History of Upper Canada, 1791-1840
  14. The Frontier School and Canadian History
  1. Some Historic and Prehistoric Sites of Canada
  2. Membership of the Canadian Historical Association
  3. Report of the Treasurer

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