Report of the Annual Meeting

Volume 11, numéro 1, 1932

Sommaire (13 articles)

Ottawa 1932

  1. An Outline Sketch of the Maritime Fur Trade : Presidential Address
  2. Report of the English Secretary
  3. Machias and the Invasion of Nova Scotia
  4. La procédure civile au Canada jusqu’à 1679
  5. D’Alton McCarthy and the Politics of the Later ’Eighties
  6. The Relations of Bolingbroke and the English Opposition with the French Government 1731-5
  7. The Honourable Thomas McKay, M.L.C., Founder of New Edinburgh, 1792-1855
  8. The Genealogy of Charles Lawrence, Governor of Nova Scotia
  9. Dr. Charles Inglis in New York, 1766-1783
  10. The British Board of Trade and Canada, 1760-1774
  1. Some Historic and Prehistoric Sites in Canada
  2. Report of the Treasurer
  3. Membership of the Canadian Historical Association

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