Report of the Annual Meeting

Volume 13, numéro 1, 1934

Sommaire (18 articles)

Montreal 1934

  1. The Canadian Archives and the Writing of Canadian History : Presidential Address
  2. Report of the Secretary-Treasurer
  3. British Military Policy in Canada in the Era of Federation
  4. Francis Hincks and Canadian Public Finance
  5. Quelques notes sur Cartier
  6. Roads in New France and the Policy of Expansion
  7. Indian Trade in Nova Scotia to 1764
  8. Jacques Cartier, sa langue et sa religion
  9. Miniature Photography as an Instrument of Historical Research
  10. Our “Kingdom for a Horse”: The Railway Land Grant System in Western Canada
  11. The Apologists of the French Terror of 1793-4
  12. Introduction aux voyages de Jacques Cartier : des origines à Jean Cabot
  13. Settling the Loyalists in Nova Scotia
  14. The Origin of Migration from South-Eastern Europe to Canada
  15. Cartier’s Objective
  1. Preserving Canada’s Historic Past
  2. Report of the Treasurer
  3. Membership of the Canadian Historical Association

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