Report of the Annual Meeting

Volume 21, numéro 1, 1942

Sommaire (14 articles)

Toronto 1942

  1. The Canadian Scene, 1880-1890 : Presidential Address
  2. M. de la Dauversière, l’homme qui fonda Montréal
  3. The Evolution of Montreal under the French Regime
  4. L’atterrissage de Jacques Cartier dans l’île de Montréal
  5. Economic Nationalism and Confederation
  6. The Failure of the Historians
  7. The Fur-Seal Fisheries and the Doctrine of the Freedom of the Seas
  8. American Concern over Canadian Railway Competition in the North-West, 1885-1890
  9. Canadian Political Ideas in the Sixties and Seventies: Egerton Ryerson
  10. Political Ideas of the Upper Canada Reformers, 1867-78
  1. National Historic Parks and Sites


  1. Report of the Secretary
  2. Report of the Treasurer
  1. Membership of the Canadian Historical Association

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