Report of the Annual Meeting

Volume 39, numéro 1, 1960

Sommaire (15 articles)

Kingston 1960

  1. Presidential Address
  2. L’eau-de-vie dans la société indienne
  3. The Beginnings of the Latin World
  4. Pierre Bayle: Skeptical Prophet of Enlightenment
  5. George Brown and the Mother of Confederation, 1864
  6. The Occupation of Mashonaland
  7. N. W. Rowell and Canada’s External Policy, 1917-1921
  8. The Role of the Public Archives Records Centre in Federal Records Management


  1. Report of the Secretary
  2. Report of the Local History Section, 1959-1960
  3. Report of the Archives Section, 1959-1960
  4. Report of the Treasurer
  1. Personal Notes
  2. Membership of the Canadian Historical Association
  3. Past Presidents and Places of Annual Meetings

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