Romanticism and Victorianism on the Net

Numéro 53, february 2009 Materiality and Memory Sous la direction de Kate Flint

Sommaire (24 articles)

  1. Introduction


  1. Peggotty’s Work-Box: Victorian Souvenirs and Material Memory
  2. Immortelles: Literary, Botanical, and National Memories
  3. Photographic Memory
  4. “‘Little bags of remembrance’: du Maurier’s Peter Ibbetson and Victorian Theories of Ancestral Memory”
  5. William Morris’s Conditional Moment
  6. "Memorization and Memorialization: 'The Burial of Sir John Moore after Corunna' "
  7. “Pictures in the Fire”: the Dickensian Hearth and the Concept of History
  8. Middlemarch and “that Sort of Thing”


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