Renaissance and Reformation
Renaissance et Réforme

Volume 44, numéro 1, hiver 2021

Sommaire (55 articles)


  1. Interpreting in Early Modern Diplomacy: Occasional Mobility and the Liminal Spaces of Trust
  2. Relaying the Epistemic Foundations of a Transcultural Natural Theology: Proving the Existence of God in Valignano’s Catechismus christianae fidei and Ruggieri’s Tianzhu shilu
  3. Maple Wood Heirlooms and the Re-formation of a Dynastic Identity: Elector John of Saxony’s Sermon Notes as Grapho-Relics
  4. The Case of Catherine Dammartin: Friends, Fellows, and the Survival of Celibacy in England’s Protestant Universities
  5. De la forme littéraire comme arme politique : l’effet-recueil dans la version française de la Detectio de George Buchanan
  6. Cestus Responds to Aethiopissa

Digital Resource Reviews / Comptes-rendus sur les ressources numériques

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Book Reviews / Comptes rendus

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  2. Calvin, Jean. Praelectiones in Lamentationes Jeremiae, éd. Nicole Gueunier et Max Engammare / Leçons sur les Lamentations de Jérémie, traduites par Charles de Jonviller, éd. Max Engammare
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  8. Franco Llopis, Borja. Etnicità e conversione. I moriscos nella cultura visiva dell’età moderna
  9. Galluzzi, Paolo. The Italian Renaissance of Machines. Trans. Jonathan Mandelbaum
  10. Girot, Jean-Eudes et Alice Tacaille, éds. (avec la collaboration d’Anne Delafosse et Pierre Iselin). « Que me servent mes vers? » La musique chez Ronsard, avec un supplément vocal de 22 chansons
  11. Haake, Gregory P. The Politics of Print during the French Wars of Religion: Literature and History in an Age of “Nothing Said Too Soon.”
  12. Hardy, Alexandre. Coriolan. French text edition with introduction and notes by Fabien Cavaillé, English translation with introduction and notes by Richard Hillman
  13. Harrison, Timothy. Coming To: Consciousness and Natality in Early Modern England
  14. Heffernan, Megan. Making the Miscellany: Poetry, Print, and the History of the Book in Early Modern England
  15. Hock, Jessie. The Erotics of Materialism: Lucretius and Early Modern Poetics
  16. Holtz, Grégoire, Jean-Claude Laborie et Frank Lestringant, éds. Voyageurs de la Renaissance
  17. Horbury, Ezra. Prodigality in Early Modern Drama
  18. Hyman, Wendy Beth. Impossible Desire and the Limits of Knowledge in Renaissance Poetry
  19. Jurdjevic, Mark, Natasha Piano, and John P. McCormick, eds. Florentine Political Writings from Petrarch to Machiavelli
  20. Kenny, Neil. Born to Write: Literary Families and Social Hierarchy in Early Modern France
  21. Mac Carthy, Ita. The Grace of the Italian Renaissance
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  23. Mampieri, Martina. Living under the Evil Pope: The Hebrew Chronicle of Pope Paul IV by Benjamin Nehemiah ben Elnathan from Civitanova Marche (16th cent.)
  24. Marlowe, Christopher. The Jew of Malta. Ed. Lloyd Kermode
  25. Mazzanti, Giuseppe. Un imperatore musulmano. Il Liber de sceleribus et infelicitate perfidi turchi ac de spurcitia et feditate gentis et secte sue (1467/1468) di Rodrigo Sánchez de Arévalo
  26. Moran, Bruce T. Paracelsus: An Alchemical Life
  27. Nevola, Fabrizio. Street Life in Renaissance Italy
  28. Nummedal, Tara. Anna Zieglerin and the Lion’s Blood: Alchemy and End Times in Reformation Germany
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  31. Ritchey, Sara, and Sharon Strocchia, eds. Gender, Health and Healing, 1250–1550
  32. Rowe, Erin Kathleen. Black Saints in Early Modern Global Catholicism
  33. Shakespeare, William. The Tempest. Ed. J. F. Bernard and Paul Yachnin
  34. Starkey, Lindsay. Encountering Water in Early Modern Europe and Beyond: Redefining the Universe through Natural Philosophy, Religious Reformations, and Sea Voyaging
  35. Steinberg, Leo. Michelangelo’s Painting: Selected Essays. Ed. Sheila Schwartz
  36. Stewart, Alan, ed. The Broadview Anthology of Tudor Drama
  37. Swan, Claudia. Rarities of These Lands: Art, Trade, and Diplomacy in the Dutch Republic
  38. Teskey, Gordon. Spenserian Moments


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