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Revue internationale de géographie critique
Revista internacional de geografía crítica

Volume 23, Number 2, 2024 Desirable Futures

Collage of images inspired by “Desirable Futures: Write Me a Letter”. Artist credit: Lara Lookabaugh.

“A starry winter night on Gichigami/Lake Superior”. Image credit: Deondre Smiles.

“To the world's best heart", handwritten by Caitilin McMillan’s mother to remind her to be guided by her heart. Courtesy of: Caitilin McMillan.

“Postcards to(wards) Desirable Futures sent from Gris Gris, Mauritius”. Courtesy of: Neelofer Qadir.

Letter from Alana de Hinojosa’s grandmother to her mother, Evelina “Bebe”. Courtesy of: Alana de Hinojosa.

“Good Luck Troll block print and valentine”. Courtesy of: Elspeth Iralu.

Dr. Donald Deskins Jr. playing football. Image credit: student staff of the 1960 Michiganensian. Courtesy of: Dewitt King.

“Viva! Viva! Palestina!” Artist credit: Noor Momo.

“don't you dare write back!" Artist credit: Sasha Kunzes Smith, courtesy of Sara Smith.

Table of contents (17 articles)

Special Issue: Desirable Futures

  1. Desirable Futures: Write Me a Letter
  2. About Flying, Life, and Hope to Get You All Back from Oxford University
  3. "Will you tell me the ways you’ve been keeping beautiful to stay alive?": Correspondence between Orlando and Leòn
  4. Letter to My City
  5. Letter to my Hometown Kalimpong
  6. Love Letters to My Child in These Hate-Filled Times
  7. Preguntas y fraces para una nieta americana
  8. This Movement Will Take You So High and So Low
  9. Querida Promotora
  10. Letter to the Unknown Indian Kisan
  11. A Letter to My Newborn
  12. terraqueous: An Epistle for Harriet Ann Jacobs
  13. To the Anishinaabeg of the Future
  14. I Wish
  15. Dear Dad: I’m still trying to make sense of some history
  16. A Letter for Missing and Disappeared Archives
  17. Dear Abolition: For Uncle Ralph


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