Atlantic Geology

Volume 28, Number 3, November 1992

Date Received January 15,1992 Date Accepted March 6,1992

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    A note on reported plant fossils from the Flume Ridge area of southwestern New Brunswick
    A geophysical and geochemical interpretation of the configuration of the Mount Peyton complex, central Newfoundland
    Detrital chromite concentrations, nearshore Port au Port Bay, Newfoundland
    Stratigraphy, paleoenvironmental evolution and regional significance of the Silurian Lake Aylmer-Lake Saint-Francois belt, Eastern Townships, Quebec
    Geology and sedimentology of the Upper Devonian Escuminac Formation, Quebec, and evaluation of its paleoenvironment: lacustrine versus estuarine turbidite sequence


    The Tuzo Wilson Cycle: A 25th Anniversary Symposium : Geological Association of Canada Newfoundland Section
    Abstracts : 1992 Atlantic Universities Geological Conference


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