Atlantic Geology

Volume 36, Number 2-3, Summer 2000

Table of contents (8 articles) 


    Geochemistry of Early Devonian calc-alkaline plutons in the Merrimack Belt: implications for mid-Paleozoic terrane relationships in the New England Appalachians
    Geochemistry of metavolcanic rocks of the Ross Island and Ingalls Head formations, Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick
    Les erratiques de dolomie sur le rivage des Escoumins, Cote Nord de I'estuaire maritime du Saint-Laurent, Quebec
    Palaeophycus bolbitermilus isp. nov. from the Lower Silurian Upsalquitch Formation of New Brunswick, eastern Canada
    A multibeam bathymetric survey of Bay of Islands, Newfoundland: new evidence of late-glacial and Holocene geological processes
    A Late Neoproterozoic age for the Caledonia Mountain Pluton, a high Ti-V layered gabbro in the Caledonia (Avalon) terrane, southern New Brunswick


    Geological Association of Canada, Newfoundland Section — 2000 Annual Technical Meeting
    Atlantic Universities Geological Conference