Special Issue, 2022 Prize winning articles from Criminologie Sous la direction de Chloé Leclerc and Marie-Chantal Plante

Table of contents (17 articles)

  1. Foreword
  2. Avant-propos
  3. Delinquency and immigration in France: A sociological perspective
  4. Mega-crime, legitimacy, legality, and obedience
  5. Sectarian functioning and violence towards children: The case of the Baptist Church of Windsor
  6. Managing professional conduct from an evidence-based perspective: A critical analysis
  7. Why Not Crime Prevention? An Evidence-based Perspective
  8. Punishment, blame and stigma after conflict: The experience of politically motivated former prisoners in Northern Ireland
  9. Fold, check, hit me! Impact of lifestyle on the trajectories of problem gamblers
  10. Criminalising Migrant Smuggling in Canada
  11. Beyond criminalization: Immigration and the challenges for criminology
  12. Criminal redress in cases of environmental victimization: A defence
  13. Constructed police knowledge of “marginal movements”: The SPVM’s GAMMA project
  14. The case law of the European Court of Human Rights: Its content and effect on suicide prevention in custody and detention
  15. Having one’s complaint heard: Implicit knowledge in prison disciplinary reports
  16. The Anatomy of a Criminal Investigation
  17. The effects of punishment on the offenders’ relatives: Difficulties and discussion regarding their problematization at the sentencing stage

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