Canadian University Music Review

Volume 21, Number 1, 2000 Music Studies in the New Millennium : Perspectives from Canada Les études en musique dans le nouveau millénaire : perspectives canadiennes Guest-edited by John Shepherd

Table of contents (8 articles)


  1. Back to the Future: Celebrating Thirty Years of Diversity


  1. Music Studies in the New Millennium: Perspectives from Canada


  1. Theory's Children; or, The New Relevance of Musicology
  2. The Project Ahead: Some Thoughts on Developing a Popular Music Curriculum
  3. Same As It Ever Was? Musicology Continues to Wrestle with Rock
  4. What's the Difference? Reflections on Discourses of Morality, Modernism, and Mosaics in the Study of Music in Canada
  5. Music Education and Post-Secondary Music Studies in Canada
  1. Contributors