Volume 2, Number 1-2, 1980

Table of contents (17 articles)

  1. Editor's Note / Avant-Propos


  1. The Role of Women in a Tamil Folk Epic
  2. De Concept à l'objet: la fabrication d'une sculpture
  3. The heroic epic and Canadian folklore
  4. John Guy Meets the Dawes: The Investigation of an Oral Historical Tradition

Note de recherche / Notes

  1. The Northumberland Small Pipes in Ontario: A General Field Survey Concerning Their Popularity and Dispersal

Notes critiques / Review Articles

  1. The Traditional Performer and the Recording Context
  2. The Contribution of a Colonial Ethnographer: Charles Hill-Tout, 1858-1944

Comptes rendus / Book Reviews

  1. Les artisans traditionnels de l'est du Québec. Par Bernard Genest, René Bouchard, Lise Cyret Yvan Chouinard. (Québec: Les cahiers du patrimoine, no 12, Direction générale du patrimoine, ministère des Affaires culturelles, 1979, 391, p. ill. 8$)
  2. "Bloody Decks and a Bumper Crop": The Rhetoric of Sealing Counter-Project. By Cynthia Lamson (St. John's: Institute for Social and Economic Research, Memorial University of Newfoundland, 1979. Social and Economie Studies No. 24. Pp. viii +113, illus., index. No price given.)
  3. The Bread Ovens of Quebec. By Lise Boily (Blanchette) and Jean-François Blanchette. (Ottawa: National Museums of Canada, 1979. Pp. 119, illustrations, photographs, list of informants, bibliography. $8.95)
  4. Everyman's Heritage: An Album of Canadian Folk Life / Notre patrimoine: Images du peuple canadien. By Magnus Einarsson (Ottawa: Canadian Centre for Folk Culture Studies, National Museum of Man, 1978. Pp. 201, photographs, $8.50 paper, $12.50 cloth.)
  5. Gaelic Songs in Nova Scotia. By Helen Creighton and Calum MacLeod (Ottawa: National Museum of Man, 1979. Pp. 308, photographs. $9.50 paper.)
  6. Joe Scott: The Woodsman-Songmaker. By Edward D. Ives (Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1978. Pp. 475. $22.50 cloth.)
  7. Lunenburg County Folklore and Oral History: Project '77. Edited by Laurie Lacey (Ottawa: National Museum of Man, 1979. CCFCS Mercury Series 30. 142 pp.)
  8. Religion populaire et travail. (Sudbury: Revue de l'université Laurentienne, vol. XII, no 1, novembre 1979. 130 p., ill. 5$)
  9. Ukrainian Dumy. Trans. by George Tarnawsky and Patricia Kilina. Introduction by Natalie K. Moyle (Torontol/Cambridge: Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies and Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute, 1979. Pp 219. $5.95 paper, $9.95 cloth. Distributed by University of Toronto Press)

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