Volume 23, Number 2, 2001 Regards sur l'avenir Looking Forward

Table of contents (18 articles)


  1. Looking Forward
  2. Regards vers l’avenir
  3. Pour une ethnologie du présent
  4. From “Folk Religion” to the “Search for Meaning”: Teaching Folklore Outside the Discipline
  5. A World of Nations: Notes on Internationalism, Ethnie Diversity and Folklore Scholarship in Four Countries
  6. Pour une sensibilité mais contre le monopole disciplinaire en sciences sociales : le particulier comme point de vue sur l’universel
  7. Digitising Scotland: From the North-East to the South-West
  8. What do People have to do with Sport? Folklore/Ethnology in the Kinesiology Classroom
  9. La tradition orale et les savoirs artisanaux (1re partie)

Nécrologie / Obituary

Comptes rendus / Reviews

  1. Kitchen Culture in America: Popular Representations of Food, Gender, and Race. By Sherrie A. Inness (ed.), (Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2001, viii + 286 p., reference, index, US.$22.50, ISBN 0-8122-1735-7)
  2. Bluegrass Odyssey: A Documentary in Pictures and Words, 1966-86. By Cari Fleischhauer and Neil V. Rosenberg. (Urbana and Chicago: University of Illinois Press, 2001, xii + 189 p., 200+ black and white photographs, index, US $ 35, ISBN 0-252-02615-2)
  3. Highland Heritage: Scottish Americans in the American South. By Celeste RAY. (Chapel Hill and London, University of North Carolina Press, 2001, 256 p., ISBN 0-8078-4913-8)
  4. From Chantre to Djak: Cantonal Traditions in Canada. By Robert B. KLYMASZ (ed.), (Ottawa, Canadian Museum of Civilization, 2000, viii + 185 p.; Mercury Series, Canadian Centre for Folk Culture Series Paper 73, ISBN 0-6600-17834-6)
  5. Northern Folk: Living Traditions of North East Scotland. Edited by Valentina Bold and Tom McKean. General Editor: James Porter. (Aberdeen: University of Aberdeen, 1999. CD-ROM (Windows / Mac OS) EICD01)
  6. Plakun TRAVA, CD-ROM, From the book Plakun Trava, The Doukhobors by Koozma J. Tarasoff (Ottawa, Spirit Wrestlers Publishing, 2000, ISBN 1-896031-10-2, SWCD001 — Developer: Imaginique Windows/ Macintosh Compatible)
  7. Roots Music: An American Journey, 2001. Compilation produced by Louisa Hufstader. Rounder Records, CDs (4) 11661-0501-2. Notes by Louisa Hufstader and Scott Billington
  8. Entre Beauce et Acadie : Facettes d’un parcours ethnologique. Jean-Pierre Pichette (dir.), Jocelyne Mathieu, Richard Dubé, Yves Bergeron (Québec, Les Presses de l’Université Laval, 2001,492 p., ISBN 2-7637-7803-8)

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