Volume 34, Number 1-2, 2012

Table of contents (18 articles)


  1. Ethnographic Things : Objects and Subjects in Haida History
  2. Mexicans with Sweaters, Working in the Oil/Tar Sands, In Newfoundland’s Third Largest City : Regionalism, Narrative, and Imagination in Fort McMurray, (Texas?)
  3. “Once I’m there I can find out where I am” : Place Making and the Homeless Geographies of a Downtown Toronto Street Kid Community
  4. “I lit the candle with fire from my heart” : Observing Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) at a Jewish Home for the Aged
  5. La « Revengeance » des duchesses : Une mise en scène carnavalesque hors Carnaval
  6. Of Ideas and Objects
  7. Un patrimoine culturel immatériel émergent : Le Courir du Mardi gras de Faquetaigue, en Louisiane
  8. “The mill whistle was blowing and the Germans were coming” : Industrial Soundscapes, World War II, and Remembrance in Corner Brook, Newfoundland
  9. La mémoire de l’esclavage dans l’espace public : Initiatives pour sa patrimonialisation à Bordeaux (France) et à Port-au-Prince (Haïti)
  10. Prayer and Power : A New Women’s Tradition in a Ukrainian Village
  11. Patrimoine partagé et carnaval caribéen
  12. Residual Radicalism : Labour Song-Poems of Industrial Decline

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