Historical Papers

Volume 15, Number 1, 1980 Montréal 1980

Table of contents (18 articles)

  • Presidential Address: Biography in Canadian History
  • Pioneers and Police on the Canadian Prairies, 1885‑1914
  • The Great March of the Mounted Police in Popular Literature, 1873‑1973
  • Lawful Occasions: Imperial Control in the 1680s
  • The Impact of British Military Spending on the Colonial American Money Markets, 1760‑1783
  • Trouble in the Hives of Industry: The Cotton Industry Comes to Milltown, New Brunswick, 1879‑1892
  • The Treatment of Tramps in Late Nineteenth‑Century Toronto
  • Wooden Horses and Rubber Cows: Training British Agricultural Labour for the Canadian Prairies, 1890‑1930
  • Technocracy or Democracy? Technical High Schools and the Question of Secondary School Reform in France, 1918‑1947
  • Science anthropologique et racisme à l’époque de l’expansion coloniale : le cas du Grand dictionnaire universel du XIXe siècle de Pierre Larousse
  • “A Place to Stand”: Families, Land and Permanence in Toronto Gore Township, 1820-1890
  • Distinguished Historian’s Address: The Last Ten Years in British Labour Historiography
  • War Guilt Propaganda Conducted by the German Foreign Ministry During the 1920s
  • Résumés
  • Our Contributors/Nos auteurs
  • Obituaries/Nécrologie
  • Unpublished Papers/Communications non imprimées
  • Robert Craig Brown
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