International Journal of Canadian Studies

Number 37, 2008 Canadian Challenges Les défis canadiens

Table of contents (12 articles)

  1. Présentation

Internal Challenges  / Les défis internes

  1. A Comparison of Ideas in the Development and Governance of National Parks and Protected Areas in the US and Canada
  2. A Canadian Alternative to the "Clash of Civilizations"
  3. Nationalisme et patriotisme de la Charte au Canada

International Challenges  / Les défis internationaux

  1. Quadrilatère transatlantique : sources de légitimité politique de l’usage de la force militaire au Canada
  2. Convergence and Divergence in United States and Canadian Cuba Policy Post-1959: A Triangular Comparative Analysis
  3. Emergence: Towards a Historiography of Canadian Defence Research during the Second World War

Review Essays  / Essais critiques

  1. Canada at War in the Pacific: The case of Complex Neorealism
  2. The Only Canadians: Canada's French and the British Connection

Research Note  / Note de recherche

  1. Urban Renewal and Sustainable Development Efforts in Montreal: Vitality and Multiculturalism Requirements from an Identity Protection Perspective
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