International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning

Volume 20, Number 4, October 2019 Special Issue: Open Universities: Past, Present, and Future

Table of contents (14 articles)


Research Articles

  1. Transformation From RTVUs to Open Universities in China: Current State and Challenges
  2. Rewriting a History of Open Universities: (Hi)stories of Distance Teachers
  3. The Historical Development and Adaptation of Open Universities in Turkish Context: Case of Anadolu University as a Giga University
  4. Maturity Levels of Student Support E- Services Within an Open Distance E-learning University
  5. A Neo-Institutionalist Approach to Understanding Drivers of Quality Assurance in ODL: The Case of the Open University of Mauritius
  6. Distance Education and the Open University of Brazil: History, Structure, and Challenges
  7. A Tour of Open Universities Through Literature: A Bibliometric Analysis
  8. Factors Related to Student Persistence in Open Universities: Changes Over the Years
  9. Rethinking Open Universities: What Makes Them Unique?
  10. Open Universities and Open Educational Practices: A Content Analysis of Open University Websites
  11. Open Universities: Innovative Past, Challenging Present, and Prospective Future
  12. Open Universities: Old Concepts and Contemporary Challenges

Notes From Leadership in Open and Distance Learning

  1. Characterizing UNAM’s Open Education System Using the OOFAT Model

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