Journal of the Canadian Historical Association
Revue de la Société historique du Canada

Volume 1, Number 1, 1990

Table of contents (18 articles)

Victoria 1990

  1. Jean-Claude Robert
  2. Discours du président : Historiens, archives et archivistes : un ménage à trois
  3. Contextualising Late-Nineteenth-Century Feminism: Problems and Comparisons
  4. “Traveling the country ‘round”: migrations et syndicalisme chez les mouleurs de l’Ontario et du Québec membres de l’Iron Molders Union of North America, 1860 à 1892
  5. “Il en faut un peu”: Farm Women and Feminism in Québec and France Since 1945
  6. The Making of a Nineteenth-Century Profession: Shipmasters and the British Shipping Industry
  7. Associationalism Canadian Style: Flour Millers, Self-Regulation and the State, 1920-1935
  8. The Limits of Nationalist Politics: Electoral Culture and Mobilization in Germany, 1890-1903
  9. Working-Class Standards of Living in Late-Victorian Urban Ontario: A Review of the Miscellaneous Evidence on the Quality of Material Life
  10. Ethnic Farmers and the “Outside” World: Mennonites in Manitoba and Nebraska, 1874-1900
  11. Creating a New Staple: Capital, Technology, and Monopoly in British Columbia’s Resource Sector, 1901-1925
  12. Preparing the Welfare State: American Unemployment Reform in the Early Twentieth Century
  13. The Sin of Laura: The Meaning of Culture in the Education of Nineteenth-Century Women
  14. Un site exceptionnel d’archéologie industrielle en Belgique : Les établissements et la cité ouvrière du Grand-Hornu, 1820-1835
  15. Selling Beaver Skins in North America and Europe, 1720-1760: The Uses of Fur-Trade Imperialism
  1. Unpublished Papers/Communications non imprimées
  2. Our Contributors/Nos auteurs
  3. Obituaries/Nécrologie

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