Journal of the Canadian Historical Association

Volume 10, Number 1, 1999

Table of contents (15 articles)

Sherbrooke 1999

  1. Presidential Address: The Empire Strikes Back: The Nineteenth-Century Origins of the Canadian Secret Service
  2. Entre les familles et l’État : les procureurs et la procédure au XVIe siècle
  3. The Semiotics of Furniture Form: The French Tradition, 1620-1840
  4. Gender and Gentility on the Lower Canadian Frontier: Lucy Peel’s Journal, 1833-36
  5. Heroes, History, and Two Nationalisms: Jacques Cartier
  6. A “Christian Businessman” in the Eastern Townships: The Convergence of Precept and Practice in Nineteenth-Century Evangelical Gender Construction
  7. La sociabilité religieuse à l’ère du vapeur et du rail
  8. Monopoly’s First Moment in Global Electronic Communication: From Private Monopoly to Global Media Reform, Circa 1860-1920
  9. Tom Thomson, Antimodernism, and the Ideal of Manhood
  10. Marching and Memory in Early Twentieth-Century Quebec: La Fête-Dieu, la Saint-Jean-Baptiste, and le Monument Laval
  11. “Non-Resident Me”: John Bartlet and the Canadian Historical Profession
  12. “Boy meets Girl”: Constructing Heterosexuality in Two Victoria Churches, 1945-1960
  13. The Apotheosis of the Apothecary: Retailing and Consuming the Meaning of a Historic Site
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