Journal of Conflict Studies

Volume 27, Number 2, Winter 2007

Table of contents (13 articles)


  1. Introduction
  2. Terrorism in History
  3. Hamlet – With and Without the Prince:: Terrorism at the Outbreak of the First World War
  4. From Gunmen to Politicians:: The Impact of Terrorism and Political Violence on Twentieth-Century Ireland
  5. Terror from the Right:: Revolutionary Terrorism and the Failure of the Weimar Republic
  6. Pitfalls of Paramilitarism:: The Croix de Feu, the Parti Social Français, and the French State, 1934-39
  7. Jewish Terrorism and the Modern Middle East
  8. Unintended Architectures:: Terrorism’s Role in Shaping Post-War France, the European Union, and the Muslim Presence in the West
  9. Armenian Terrorism:: A Reappraisal
  10. For a Place in History:: Explaining Greece’s Revolutionary Organization 17 November
  11. What Is Known and Not Known About Palestinian Intifada Terrorism:: The Criteria for Success
  12. 9/11: Seven Years into History
  13. Conclusion

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