Journal of Conflict Studies

Managing editor(s): J. Brent Wilson (Executive Editor) / Editor(s): Deborah Stapleford (Assistant Editor & Circulation Manager), Peter J. Woolley (Book Review Editor)


The Journal of Conflict Studies is a multi-disciplinary journal of international security studies. It addresses both contemporary topics and historical subjects (for the period since 1945). The JCS is distinct from most other "strategic studies" journals by virtue of its focus on "non-traditional" subjects: political terrorism, ethnic, civil and revolutionary wars, insurgency and counterinsurgency, special operations/covert action, other related intelligence activities, propaganda, psychological warfare, and media coverage of war, peacekeeping in all its forms, and conflict resolution. We broadly group these subjects under the rubric Low-Intensity Conflict studies. Manuscripts may address any aspect of those topics, including the causes, conduct, consequences, and containment of such conflicts.

The approach we prefer is the narrative-analytical. In short, manuscripts should address actual events, people, policies, decisions, etc. If the paper is oriented to a theoretical perspective, it should use real cases to explore or test the theory. Although empirical studies and data presented in graphs or charts may be acceptable, heavily quantitative studies utilizing mathematical formulae are not.



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