Journal of Conflict Studies

Volume 19, Number 2, Fall 1999

Table of contents (22 articles)

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    NATO and the Former Yugoslavia: Crisis, Conflict and the Atlantic Alliance
    The Limits of Soviet Airpower: The Failure of Military Coercion in Afghanistan, 1979-89
    The Politics of Democratic Transition in Congo (Zaire): Implications of the Kabila "Revolution"
    Congo-Zaire's 1996-97 Civil War in the Context of Evolving Patterns of Military Conflict in Africa in the Era of Independence
    Resolving Identity Tensions: The Case of the Peacekeeper
    American as Cherry Pie?: Unofficial Militias in American History

Research Note

    Psychological Operations in the 1990s

Review Essays

    Ethnicity and Y2K "Bugs" in the Sphere of Conflict Management: Challenges and Opportunities
    The Age of Terrorism
    Mau Mau and Kenya
    Understanding the World Order Contest in the South China Sea
    War in (Another) New Context: Postmodernism

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