Journal of Conflict Studies

Volume 29, Spring 2009

Table of contents (22 articles)

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  1. It’s All About the People:: Cultural Intelligence (CQ) as a Force Multiplier in the Contemporary Operating Environment
  2. Private Guns:: The Social Identity of Security Contractors


  1. The Evolution of the US Advisory Effort in Viet Nam:: Lessons Learned


  1. The Challenge of Nation-Building:: Insights from Aristotle
  2. Contrasting Approaches to Terrorism:: >A Multi-National Comparison
  3. Canada the Failed Protector:: Transfer of Canadian Captured Detainees to Third Parties in Afghanistan
  4. Understanding Transnational Radical Islamism
  5. The Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflicts:: The Israeli-Palestinian Case
  6. Canada as the Target of GDR Espionage
  7. The Development of British Counter-Insurgency Intelligence
  8. The Intelligence Community Debate over Intuition versus Structured Technique:: Implications for Improving Intelligence Warning and Analysis
  9. Leveraging Academia to Improve NGO Driven Intelligence

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