Journal of Conflict Studies

Volume 15, Number 1, Spring 1995

Table of contents (19 articles)

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    Conflict, the Rise of Nations, and the Decay of States: : The Transformation of the International System?
    Ethnopolitical Violence in the Liberian Civil War
    Counterinsurgency in Southern Sudan: : The Means to Win?
    The Middle East in World Politics: : The Rise of Saudi Arabia
    Policy Strategies of Accommodation or Domination in Jerusalem: : An Historical Perspective
    "Repugnant Philosophy": Ethics, Espionage, and Covert Action1

Review Essays

    Defining Peace Research
    Whither Peacekeeping?

Review Essays

    The Nature of Peacekeeping
    The Gulf War
    The Vietnam War

Book Reviews

    Northern Ireland and the Politics of Reconciliation
    Sri Lanka: : The Invention of Enmity
    Cruelty and Silence: : War, Tyranny, Uprising, and the Arab World
    The Quest For Security in the Caribbean: : Problems and Promises in Subordinate States
    Intelligence and the Mirror: : On Creating an Enemy
    The Coup: : Tactics in the Seizure of Power
    Arms and Warfare: : Escalation, De-escalation and Negotiation
    The 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis: : Canadian Involvement Reconsidered