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The Journal of the Canadian Game Studies Association

Volume 13, Number 22, 2020 Animal Crossing Special Issue

Table of contents (8 articles)


  1. Foreword: To All the Animals We’ve Crossed Before

One Animal's Trash

  1. The Museum and the Killing Jar: How Animal Crossing’s Insects Reveal Videogames’ Object Afterlife
  2. An Abundance of Fruit Trees: A Garbology of the Artifacts in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Creature Comforts

  1. Dear Punchy: Representing and Feeling Writing in Animal Crossing
  2. “My pockets are full”: The Emotional and Mechanical Function of Goodbyes in Animal Crossing
  3. Not Just a Slice: Animal Crossing and a Life Ongoing

The Cult(ure) of Animal Crossing

  1. Fear Thy Neighbour: Socialisation and Isolation in Animal Crossing
  2. Tom Nook, Capitalist or Comrade? On Nook Discourse and the Millennial Housing Crisis


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