Journal des traducteurs
Translators' Journal

Volume 53, Number 1, mars 2008 Le verbal, le visuel, le traducteur The Verbal, the Visual, the Translator Guest-edited by Riitta Oittinen and Klaus Kaindl

Table of contents (16 articles)

  1. Éditorial
  2. Introduction
  3. Yeah, that’s it!: Verbal Reference to Visual Information in Film Texts and Film Translations
  4. Translations, Transcreations and Transrepresentations of India in the Italian Media
  5. Visual Persuasion: Issues in the Translation of the Visual in Advertising
  6. Advertising: A Case for Intersemiotic Translation
  7. From Thumbelina to Winnie-the-Pooh: Pictures, Words, and Sounds in Translation
  8. Illustrations and Ambiguity in Eighteen Illustrated Translations of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Steadfast Tin Soldier”
  9. Book Illustration as (Intersemiotic) Translation: Pictures Translating Words
  10. Visuelle Komik: Sprache, Bild und Typographie in der Übersetzung von Comics
  11. Contextualizing Disney Comics within the Arab Culture
  12. Visual Aspects of Intercultural Technical Communication: A Cognitive Scientific and Semiotic Point of View
  13. In Gutenbergs Fußstapfen: Translatio typographica Zum Verhältnis von Typografie und Translation
  14. In and Off the Show: Co-constructing ‘invisibility’ in an Interpreter-Mediated Talk Show Interview
  15. Visual Input in Simultaneous Interpreting
  16. Translating Tea: On the Semiotics of Interlingual Practice in the Hong Kong Museum of Tea Ware

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