McGill Journal of Education
Revue des sciences de l'éducation de McGill

Volume 55, Number 3, Fall 2020

Table of contents (16 articles)

Editorial / Éditorial

  1. Editorial

Special Issue - Articles / Numéro thématique - Articles

  1. Learning to Surrender: Creative teaching and learning practices
  2. How to Pay your Students to Go to School: Student-run record labels and the creative pedagogue
  3. Enacted Agency in a Cross-Border, Online Biliteracy Curriculum Making: Creativity and bilingual digital storytelling
  4. Exploring the Creative Geographies of Work with Pre-Service Social Studies Teachers: Exposing intersections of time and labour in New Brunswick, Canada
  5. Étude de la littérature sur la créativité en sciences de l’éducation dans les pays francophones
  6. “What’s the Big Idea?” A Case Study of Whole-School Project-Based Instruction in Secondary Education
  7. The Patch: An Artful Syn(aes)thetic Mapping of Linguistic Data through Collaborative Digital / Analogue Literacy Processes

Special Issue - Artistic and Creative Inquiries / Numéro thématique - Recherches créatives et artistiques

  1. In Praise of Uncertainty, Ambiguity and Wonder
  2. (Un)seen Undulation: Reflecting on the Ripples made by Artist-Teachers and Researchers
  3. Henry Clerval Scolding Victor Frankenstein: An autoethnographic poem about graduate students and their daemons
  4. A Creative Pedagogue's Inquiry through Images: Does it Have Wings?
  5. Sock Hops and Red Rooms: On Teaching Jane Eyre to Marginalized Students

Special Issue - Notes from the Field / Numéro thématique - Notes du terrain

  1. Come Through the Door with Me: Pondering Inventive Practice
  2. L’harmonie de la musique et l’identité linguistique : l’a/r/tographie avec des futurs enseignants
  3. Embracing Ambiguity: The intersection of biology, music, and art in secondary school teaching for student creativity


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