Philosophical Inquiry in Education

Volume 28, Number 2, 2021 Guest-edited by Ashley Taylor

Table of contents (11 articles)

Introduction (Special Issue)

Research Articles

  1. Why Does Intellectual Disability Matter to Philosophy?: Toward a Transformative Pedagogy
  2. Applying the Capabilities Approach to Disability and Education
  3. Independence, Dependence, and Intellectual Disability: From Cultural Origins to Useful Application
  4. Dependent Rational Activists: Disability, Student Activism, and Special Education
  5. Seeing the Rock: Expanding One’s Vision in Community with Preschool Knowers
  6. “Ain’t I Got a Right to the Tree of Life?”: Examining Special Education through the Application of Afro-Humanity
  7. Questioning Autism’s Racializing Assemblages
  8. Educational Justice and Disability: The Limits of Integration
  9. Barriers to Knowing and Being Known: Constructions of (In)competence in Research
  10. Disabling Intervention: Intellectual Disability and the Justification of Paternalism in Education

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