RACAR : Revue d'art canadienne
Canadian Art Review

Volume 6, Number 1, 1979

Table of contents (20 articles)



Expositions / Exhibitions

  1. Exposition Joseph Légaré / Joseph Légaré, 1795-1855. Une exposition présentée à la Galerie nationale du Canada, Ottawa (22 septembre–29 octobre 1978), au Musée des beaux-arts de l’Ontario, Toronto (25 novembre 1978–7 janvier 1979), au Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal (1er février–15 mars 1979) et au Musée du Québec (12 avril–20 mai 1979)
  2. George Heriot at Kingston / George Heriot: Painter of the Canadas. An exhibition held at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Kingston, 12 November–31 December 1978; circulated to Ottawa, Montreal, Windsor, and Toronto, January–July 1979, by the National Programme of the National Gallery of Canada
  3. On the Art and the Archaeology of Prehistoric Japan / Image and Life: 50,000 Years of Japanese Prehistory. An exhibition organized by the Museum of Anthropology, University of British Columbia; Center for Japanese Studies, University of Michigan; and The Japan Foundation, Tokyo; and held at the Museum of Anthropology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, 8 August–15 October 1978. Circulated to Museum of Man and Nature, Winnipeg; National Museum of Man, Ottawa; Yale Peabody Museum, New Haven; Museum of Art, University of Texas, Austin; Museum of Art, University of Michigan; Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago; and California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, March 1979–April 1980
  4. Rubens and the Book / Rubens and the Book: Title Pages by Peter Paul Rubens. Catalogue of an exhibition held at Chapin Library, Stetson Hall, Williams College, 2–31 May 1977. Prepared by students in the Williams College Graduate Progamme in the History of Art. Edited and introduction by Julius S. Held. Williamstown, Mass., 1977. 307 pp., 82 illus. (paper)
  5. Les expositions de l’année au Canada, 1978 / The Year’s Exhibitions in Canada, 1978

Livres / Books

  1. Peter N. Moogk, Building a House in New France, an Account of the Perplexities of Client and Craftsmen in Early Canada. Toronto, McClelland and Stewart, 1977. 144 pp., 55 illus., $9.95 / Jean-Claude Dupont (directeur du projet), Habitation rurale au Québec. Montréal, Hurtubise hmh, coll. Ethnologie, 1978. 268 pp., illus., $9.50
  2. Terry Fenton and Karen Wilkin, Modern Painting in Canada: Major Movements in Twentieth Century Canadian Art. Edmonton, Hurtig, 1978. 119 pp., 53 illus., $18.95
  3. Yousuf Karsh, Karsh Portraits. Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 1976. 203 pp., 48 illus., $24.95
  4. George M. A. Hanfman and Nancy H. Ramage, Sculpture from Sardis: The Finds through 1975. (Archaeological Exploration of Sardis, Report 2) Cambridge (Mass.) et Londres, Harvard University Press, 1978. 203 + xxi pp., 472 illus.
  5. Allan Braham and Hellmut Hager, Carlo Fontana: The Drawings at Windsor Castle. London, Zwemmer, 1977. 222 pp., 570 illus., $100.00
  6. Michael Davis, William Blake: A New Kind of Man. Berkeley, University of California Press, 1978. 181 pp., illus., $6.95
  7. Charles W. Millard, The Sculpture of Edgar Degas. Princeton, Princeton University Press, 1976. 141 + xxiv pp., 143 illus., $19.50
  8. Sidney Geist, The Kiss. New York, Harper & Row, 1978, 111 pp., 66 illus.
  9. Margaret Medley, The Chinese Potter: A Practical History of Chinese Ceramics. Oxford, Phaidon Press, 1976. 288 pp., illus.
  1. Livres communiqués / Books Received

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