RACAR : Revue d'art canadienne
Canadian Art Review

Volume 22, Number 1-2, 1995

Table of contents (13 articles)

  1. Speculations on the Introduction and Role of Alexemata in Doric Temple Architecture
  2. The Significance of Peter in the Artistic Patronage of Desiderius, Abbot of Montecassino (1058-87)
  3. The Hagiographic Programme of the Mosaics in the South Dome of San Marco at Venice
  4. Dissent, Dissatisfaction and Papal Self-Fashioning: Pope Gregory IX’s Response to the Thirteenth-Century Reform Movement in the Facade Mosaic of San Pietro in Vaticano
  5. A Late Fifteenth-Century Parisian Book of Hours in a Canadian Collection
  6. Bartolommeo Traballesi’s Rain of Gold and the Poetics of Power in Francesco I’s Scrittoio in the Palazzo della Signoria, Florence
  7. La légende de Raphaël. Les « grandes » et les « petites » vies d’une figure exemplaire de l’art, écrites en France au cours du XIXe siècle
  8. Etant donnés: Rrose/Duchamp in a Mirror
  9. Coloured Nude: Fetishization, Disguise, Dichotomy

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