Romanticism and Victorianism on the Net

Number 59-60, April–October 2011

Table of contents (34 articles)


  1. Cockney Cities
  2. Leigh Hunt, Sport, and the Cockney Controversy Revisited
  3. Hunt and his Friends
  4. Hunt, Byron, and The Story of Rimini - A Literary Challenge to “the Public Mind”
  5. "Where shall I place my imaginary coterie?": Sociality and Public Discourse in Leigh Hunt’s London Journal
  6. A Note on Leigh Hunt, Nicholas Carrington, and The Liberal
  7. The Religion Of Art, Art For Art’s Sake: Dante Gabriel Rossetti And Walter Pater
  8. “Glorious uncertainty”: Business and Adultery in Charlotte Riddell’s Too Much Alone
  9. Representing Orality: Scott’s The Lay of the Last Minstrel and Conjectural History
  10. “A subject dead is not worth presenting”: Cromwell, the Past, and the Haunting of Thomas Carlyle
  11. Parody, Terror and the Making of Forms: Blake’s Aesthetics of the Sublime in The Book of Urizen
  12. Legacies of Tortured Sensibility; or, what Shakira learned from Sade


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